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Threats received today from Jason Christopher Hughes to Rachel Haywire


Testimony from Rachel Haywire

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Once again Harassing Rachel Haywire Monroe when she chooses to right about Transhumanism.  He can’t help himself.  He’ll do anything to try to ruin her. 


Jason’s Twitter harassment of several people using a name made from two of his stalking victims.

At some point he’ll probably delete this and claim it’s not him.


Rachel “Haywire” Monroe recently made a blog post here:

Jason is back as David Powel (Combining the names of two of his stalking victims).  He also has a Twitter account under this name and it is mostly used to harass Rachel.  

The article has nothing to do with him, yet he has to comment.  This is why the ask and comments are turned off on this blog.  It is only a matter of time till he starts sending DMCA complaints to Tumblr to try to shut down this account.  While he does this he will make several fake accounts on tumblr attacking the stalking victims and making false/insane claims.

The blog was made on Thursday September 21st, 2012 using information gathered from at least give people Jason harasses.  I make this note to partly explain why the flood of posts and to show that at creation we were able to predict his behavior.

Our hat’s off to Rachel.  You’re a brave woman to be public and active on the internet knowing he will harass you.  Please, if you have been harassed by Jason, contact us at


This is a fake review made by Jason so he can hurt Rachel “Haywire” Monroe.


A letter about our stalker, his tactics, and his impact on us

Dear World,

I am another victim of the stalker known as Jason. I cannot reveal my name and I have attempted to mask my identity to avoid inciting him. He has harassed me off and on for several years. He turned on me after I refused to help him with an activity I found questionable. That was all it took to find myself on his list. It is quite possible he will start harassing me again as a result of what I’ve written here.

I used to be “friends” with Jason. We had some good times. He was always very alpha-male and didn’t like to be questioned, but that was OK by me at the time because I was young and stupid and found his taste in activities edgy and cool. I thought he was a “hacker” and that was interesting to me because I wanted to be a badass hacker too. I listened to him brag about his “hacks”. After he became more comfortable with me around, he also told me stories about all the (horrible) things he’d done to people, mostly women he dated (he has a weird thing for women named Vanessa and Rachel), when he felt abandoned or slighted by them.

On several occasions he explained to me how he was getting someone fired from their job, kicked off a project, or in trouble at their school by sending their peers spoofed emails. In these emails were creative diatribes alluding to incriminating situations involving the target, naked pictures he’d taken of the target, or even images uncomfortably close to, if not actually, child pornography. He used anything of intense shock value he thought would create social upheaval — even legal problems — for his targets.

He worked from libraries, coffee shops, or open WiFi, using other people’s accounts. He stole accounts using identities collected about customers of his online businesses fronts, usually eBay accounts. He showed me how he used eBay to make money selling pirated ebooks and sheet music. I was bothered, but I was dumb and eager to learn, so I listened and tried to not judge. I imagined these people all deserved what they got. I even idolized him.

But then I found myself in a position where I had to say “no” to him. And that’s when I realized I’d made a big mistake. Later, after he’d been harassing me for some time for “betraying him”, I found others who were also dealing with his harassment. Some of them I even recognized from his stories. We got together and started comparing notes. Then more came forward because of some public posts some of us had made. Then even more. We’ve been working together for some time, but it’s slow going. And frightening. Most of us won’t go public, even anonymously, for fear of retribution.

Who is Our Stalker?

As far as we can tell, his real name is Jason Christopher Hughes, but he goes by Michael Nath, Thylacine, antisense, chemo_gnostic, and at least a dozen other names. It’s hard to know what his name is today. He has this many names because it’s part of his pattern of avoiding legal problems and prosecution. The information I have says he has multiple outstanding warrants across the USA. He once told me he prided himself on his ability to reinvent his identity at a moment’s notice to suit the situation. His collection of sockpuppet accounts (duplicate accounts used for concealing one’s identity) is extensive, and covers all the major social networking sites like Slashdot, Reddit, and Facebook. He once told me he had over 20 accounts on Slashdot alone. And that was a few years ago.

He is over 40 years old. He’s been at this game for an eternity in “Internet time” and has become an artist with social engineering. He’s brilliant at using his sockpuppets to sway public opinion against targets. He’s done this on Kickstarter, Reddit, Hacker News, Slashdot, Rachel Marone’s and other individuals’ blogs (who currently wish to remain anonymous for fear of retribution). When he decides to attack, he does everything he can to keep his target on the defensive. The more doubt they feel about their situation the more credibility he can build by discrediting them. It can be painful and discouraging reaching out for help in a crowd and having the whole crowd turn against you, even if 10% of the crowd is him behind his puppet theater. I recall a conversation in which he expressed the virtue of cultivating sockpuppet accounts to build up fake credibility because it’s all hearsay on the Internet. The credibility of consensus is second only to hard evidence.

The Tactics of Toxicity

What makes his sockpuppet strategy so effective at building credibility is that it mimics the legitimate collaborative investigative powers of the crowd, and so it is very seductive to the unwary reader. In his method, he makes several posts using different sockpuppet accounts, each one responding to and lending credibility to the previous post.

His first post will usually be something defamatory about his target, with different posts on a few different sites. He’ll then reply with links to outside content (often actual cases of his targets behaving poorly on the Internet (I’ll bet anyone can find at least one link to a douchey comment they’ve made). If there isn’t anything, he’ll post anecdotal commentary and blaming-the-victim “well sounds like s/he deserves it” opinions. Finally he’ll cross-post links to his comments on other social media sites. So, for instance, he’ll post links to his Reddit comments with bits of affirmative language in comments on Slashdot articles.

This web of crossposting and sockpuppetry creates a sense of popular opinion because it’s exactly how research-by-mob works. Those “malicious” arguments (as in “not in good faith”) gain the perception of legitimacy through site mechanics — they’re floating to the top of threads and getting things like “+5: Insightful” tags. These theatrics set the momentum for the conversation by poisoning the well, and soon enough the malicious arguments snowball into the the actual popular opinion due to that good ol’ conformity bias.

The Impact of Stalking

Sometimes people like Jason don’t even need to try very hard to shift public opinion. His targets are human beings who have been dealing with his crap for a long time. Stalking is no joke, and it can have severe effects on victims. Some of the more common psychological and emotional issues stalking victims manifest are:

  • Anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Resorting to medication for the psychological effects of the stalking
  • Inability to sleep
  • Fear/terror
  • Eating disorders
  • Agoraphobia
  • Nightmares
  • Self harming behaviour
  • Suicide ideation, suicide attempts or suicide
  • Inability to trust
  • Deterioration in physical health due to stress and physical or sexual assaults
  • Post traumatic stress disorder


So yes, we can act out against the world, even would-be supporters. No, it’s not constructive and it’s not productive, but it happens. It’s downright discouraging to try to remain emotionally healthy when faced with constant abuse, because your instincts are telling you to be vigilant against vulnerability at the same time the social you is trying to be well-adjusted to society. It can be profoundly stressful and it can make you act out in varying degrees of crazy.

Imagine walking into your workplace on an otherwise regular morning only to be pulled aside by your manager and a representative from human resources to be told that everyone in the office had been emailed pictures of you, naked. How would you feel? How would your co-workers feel? This is precisely the kind of harassment some victims of Jason Christopher Hughes have experienced. This is what we aim to stop. But when we’re going through it, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to keep a cool head when your stalker has made his latest attack and all you’re getting is uncomfortable looks from everyone around you. Secretly, you imagine they can’t help but blame you for their discomfort. After all, you might think to yourself, you brought this onto yourself by trusting him.

Blaming the Victim

While most people have the maturity to realize it’s not your fault, there really are many people out there who believe you brought this on yourself; that all of us invite this kind of behavior into our lives and deserve to be stalked and harassed. This can be especially apparent in artistic and creative people like Rachel Marone, who can be quite provocative. Her art and music sometimes entail dramatic lashing out against a post-industrial, post-apocalyptic, post-biological world. She’s highly controversial in her artistic personality, even without all the drama that comes along with a stalker of Jason’s magnitude. Artists like Rachel can be a test to the beliefs and ethical fiber of some individuals, and that can cause social upheaval unto itself. Anytime the “moral high ground” seems a little shaky, it’s a vulnerability in a target’s defense, and Jason seems to go for the weak spot.

The point of this is that none of our behavior, even Rachel’s challenging art, excuses our stalker from his own bad behavior: nobody “deserves” to be stalked or harassed. This notion that any of us have somehow earned our stalker is an institutional irrationality we have all witnessed over the years: humans don’t like to commit to a side unless there is a clear and “perceptibly socially acceptable” divide between right and wrong. Humans generally don’t ever want to be “wrong”, unless they’re fairly intellectual or into the sciences, and even there it’s difficult to find people who realize just how liberating it is to be OK with being wrong and “feeling stupid”.

One of my favorite articles, ever, is The importance of stupidity in scientific research, by Martin A Schwartz (, in which he states:

“Science makes me feel stupid too. It’s just that I’ve gotten used to it. So used to it, in fact, that I actively seek out new opportunities to feel stupid. I wouldn’t know what to do without that feeling. I even think it’s supposed to be this way.”

Unfortunately most of us were taught to associate being wrong with failure for the first two decades of our lives. It may help us do well on standardized tests, but it also makes us easily manipulated by the crowd through conformity bias. So people will either take the most popular side or raise the Swiss flag, especially in the absence of “hard” evidence. Which brings me to the next hurdle Jason’s cyberstalking victims have had to deal with.

Difficulties Discussing and Documenting Our Cyberstalker

When his victims try to document him and make all his bad behavior public to lend credibility to their claims against him, he’ll disarm them with abusive DMCA takedown requests and harassing phone calls to their hosting providers. Abuse by DMCA takedown request is common. The EFF has written several articles on this practice, most notably their Takedown Hall of Shame ( It’s easy to do, because DMCA takedown notices don’t require judicial review or submission into the public record. Anyone with a keyboard, printer, and fax machine can be sending DMCA takedown requests in a matter of minutes.

Thankfully there is the DMCA counter-claim, but even if it is filed with the hosting provider within minutes of content being taken down, providers still have to keep content offline for 10 days to give the plaintiff time to prepare a court-ordered takedown request. That’s 10 days content is offline and work created for the provider. When this happens consistently, most providers ask their customer to find a new host. This is exactly how our stalker was able to get the most comprehensive site documenting our stalker ( taken off the internet (but there’s still bits in the Google cache…).

When his targets make posts about his behavior, he will harass the website’s administrators and people who express support for his targets. He’ll do what he can to cause problems for his target until they get banned from the site. Even the most patient webmaster or forum administrator have a limit of what they’ll deal with. It may be a hard choice for them, but nobody wants to become another target of harassment. This is how bullies get their way.

Identifying our Stalker and Getting Help

Getting help can be daunting. Establishing his identity over the Internet isn’t easy. He hides well. Some of us have sought help with our local police departments and the FBI. They seem to have just as much a hard time tracking him as we do, if they’re even motivated to do so. It’s difficult even establishing his true identity. We’ve reported our experiences and asked for help to cyberstalking support sites, but that didn’t help either. Sites we’ve used at various times are:

But they didn’t really help with Jason. In some cases we’ve filed for and received Personal Protection Orders (ie. Restraining Orders) against Jason when we’ve been in physical proximity to him. Unfortunately, and critically, actual enforcement of those orders does not extend to the Internet.

If the law enforcement we’ve contacted to help us won’t or can’t do anything about it, or even give us advice on what information to collect on him to help us help them, then we’re on our own. Making all of this public is a big push for all of us who he’s been harassing for over a decade. We’re tired of it. We want it to end. We need help. If you can do something, please say something.

Thank You,




Sent: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 16:40:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: also

(8:25:40 AM) nasrudra: you will pay for what you did, and it won’t be long now…
(8:25:40 AM) ANON  : There are a lot of movies made for nobody. -Stan Brakhage
(11:18:41 AM) nasrudra: just consider yourself lucky that for the moment I am very, very busy… as what you did doesn’t rank quite as highly as those who benefitted from your foul actions.
(11:18:41 AM) ANON : There are a lot of movies made for nobody. -Stan Brakhage
(3:36:04 PM) Could not add the buddy nasrudra for an unknown reason.


- Jason sending an anonymous female a death threat over AIM.


The following is a summary of information gleaned by trying to contact Carlos and Pedro Reynaud via the I was informed this webpage contained liable written by JCH regarding a fist fight he got into with Carlos and Pedro in a Goodwill parking lot. It seems Carlos and Pedro sell books online like Mr. Hughes does, and did not appreciate Mr. Hughes being competition. This information was given to by anonymous sources and relayed to me Via

My first steps were to try to contact Carlos and Pedro via the numbers listed on the web. Carlos’s phone number no longer accepts incoming calls, and Pedro’s went straight to voice mail and had a full box. This makes me question if Mr. Hughes is somehow phone harassing the two men, but I was unable to obtain any information to verify my speculation.

I also tried to find phone numbers or contact information for Pedro or Carlos that was not the yahoo emails listed on the July-May Web page. In the past JCH has used yahoo to harass numerous people, and I feel emailing a yahoo account from a web page that is associated with Mr. Hughes would be unwise.

I contacted the Goodwill mentioned on the web page and received the following information:
The reason several of the book-dealers have not contacted the police about JCH in the past is that they are Guatemalan citizens in the USA on refugee status. They cannot return to their home country due to threats against their lives, and are afraid that contacting the authorities over JCH may result in their expulsion from US soil.


- The above is an investigation of a webpage believed to be made by Jason.  He makes a living buying books from charity shops and reselling them online.  He is known to have an account.  If Carlos, Pedro, or anyone who knows anything about the instance wishes to contact us, please do so at